Case StudiesThe headings and excerpts below link to projects that TimelessTime consultants have been involved with. As examples of work done, they illustrate the scope, breadth and depth of TimelessTime competence.

Staffing an Overseas Business Unit

Case study: Recruited a local managing director. Then working with the MD-designate, recruited and trained 45 local staff. New business unit functional within 6 months. Find out more

Set up a Salary Structure to Reward Competency and Performance

Case study: Setting up a salary structure to reward competency and performance. Benchmarked salaries for jobs, determined benefits. Find out more

Selection of Consulting Engineers

Case study: Selection of consulting engineers from a number of candidates. Determined ideal profile. Used psychometrics. Set work sample tests. Successful recruitment of consulting engineers. Find out more

Salary Surveys and Benchmarking

Case study: Determine the reference salaries for several jobs in the agrochemicals industry such that the client organisation can be sure that base salaries are competitive. Find out more

Recruitment of a Principal Telecoms Consultant

Case study: The recruitment of a very senior engineering consultant. Headhunted to find candidates. Developed work sample teats. Conducted psychometrics. Aided decision making. Find out more

Recruitment by Assessment Centre

Case study: A Manufacturing Engineering Manager was to be recruited for a capital products company. An assessment centre was organised and managed. Find out more

Recruiting Graduate Research Scientists and Engineers

Case study: Drew up job descriptions and person specifications for fifty jobs. Recruited fifty research scientists and engineers from the top UK universities. Find out more

Recruit an Engineering Sales Manager

The task: to recruit an engineering sales manager. A conventional search – interview – appoint task. Find out more

Re-inventing pay and benefits

Case study: A project to completely restructure a firm's pay and benefits structure. This six-phase project covered designing a scheme, system and associated policies. Find out more

Psychometric Testing in Support of Recruitment

Case study: Our client, a recruitment consulting firm, wanted to provide additional services to it's clients. We provided personality and aptitude testing as a service to their clients. Find out more

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