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Here’s a sample of the sort of things we do.

Telecommunications Consultants Recruitment

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Our client is a World leader in the provision of telecommunications modelling and regulations software and consulting services. The firm needed one telecoms consultant to bolster its UK consulting group and a second consultant with a commercial bent to lead business development. As the MD commented, “We were pleased to have one new hire in-post within about four months and another offer made." Find out more

Software Engineer Management Training

As White Kite Predictive Managing Director Lyle Jackson commented, “We expect a lot from our staff. ... Engineers must be able to manage both client and project to a satisfactory conclusion.” Here's how TimelessTime trained White Kite software engineers in software project management on site in a series of 90-minute training modules. Find out more

Sexual harassment investigation

As Sue Berry commented, “The legal definition of harassment is too clinical. With the legal definition, we worried that an unfair decision could result. The psychological definition, on the other hand, required that there was both event and arousal of sensibilities and this twin definition provided a much more robust criteria.” In this investigation, TimelessTime collected evidence and presented this to the CEO and the Board. Find out more

Senior Team Recruitment

Our client, The Marketing Eye, is the UK’s foremost marketing agency supporting lenders and other leading players in the Alternative Finance and broader FinTech niches. The Directors of The Marketing Eye sought to recruit a Managing Director to spearhead the next stage of the firm’s strategic development. TimelessTime found that Managing Director. Find out more

New technology demands new regulator competencies

Our client was one of the Big Four accounting firms on a major contract for supply of services to a national telecommunications regulator. TimelessTime was on the team to provide a specialist understanding of the telecoms and human resources domains. As John Berry commented, “We developed a complete set of strategy documents, capturing policies and plans. Those worked with the processes to yield a complete set of skills and knowledge needed. Find out more

Determining Company-wide Reward System

Our client, a major mutual society, is a long established life insurance and pensions provider. In building the new salary system, a job evaluation activity used existing job descriptions for each of 74 jobs. This statement of relative worth then formed the core of the future system. As the Head of HR and Finance noted, “The project delivered a viable and maintainable strategy, system and structure.” Find out more

Career Coaching Raises Competence

Our client, The Marketing Eye, is the UK’s foremost marketing agency supporting lenders and other leading players in the Alternative Finance and FinTech niches. As Neil Edwards commented, “...it’s important that ample attention is given to the team’s personal development. By contracting career coaching to TimelessTime, each person has grown their skills and knowledge to meet both company and personal aspirations.” Find out more

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