Management Matters

The way you manage your people and the way they use the technology you invest in will ultimately dictate the sort of business or organisation you run and the profits that your business generates. So getting people and technology management right is important.

Getting Help

Most managers need help with the two key disciplines of people-management – human resource management and organisational development (HR & OD). TimelessTime is skilled in both. Check our corporate movie for more.

Practical Support

Managers need help in solving day-to-day people issues. And they need practical help to make improvements to maximise the contribution people make to their businesses or organisations. TimelessTime provides both, working on-site or online.

Our Consultants

TimelessTime consultants have trained to the highest levels and have many years experience in HR and OD, technology and organisation strategy. There’s little in people-management that they haven’t experienced.

Want to build competitive advantage? Through the people employed and the technology they use?

TimelessTime consultants help managers achieve huge improvements in employee commitment and engagement.

Those people-improvements translate to improvements in key business metrics.

Our consultants have done a lot

Over the years we’ve done thousands of projects and helped thousands of managers. Here are some examples. There are more on our Case Studies pages.

We’ll start wherever you need us to

Whilst it’s good to start at the beginning, that’s not always where help’s needed. We offer services in all aspects of HR and OD. Here are some examples of areas of work.

We’ll establish your business and people-management strategies. Against those strategies we’ll optimise the jobs your people do to maximise their contribution to your firm. We’ll recruit and select to get the right people in your firm, ensuring you get the necessary skills and knowledge.

We’ll determine pay and benefits to achieve staff motivation and commitment. And to protect your firm we’ll write contracts, handbooks and policies to ensure employment law compliance. And we’ll train your managers and manage your talent and succession to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs – always.

If necessary, we’ll restructure your firm, correctly managing TUPE and redundancies. And we’ll help you review and appraise staff and manager performance to ensure performance against job descriptions and objectives.

Finally, we’ll train, coach and mentor your managers to lead. And we’ll ensure staff wellbeing, managing sickness absence to maximise engagement whilst maximising your firm’s exploitation of technology.

In fact, we’ll help with anything to do with the people you employ at any stage in your firm’s life. Watch our corporate video for more.