strategyconceptxsmallWhen businesses start up there is a lot to do: offices to move in to, products to organise and finance to secure. And often, the people management stuff is forgotten. Yet it is at this formative time that the founders need to put in place the foundations for excellence in people management.

It’s at this early stage that simple actions can be taken to avoid many problems later and build for a future human resources excellence.

Timeless STARTUP provides four things:
  • An initial workshop with the management team at which the TimelessTime consultant and management team will discuss and conclude the people management strategy they will follow for the future;
  • From this workshop, a foundation and legally compliant basic people eco-system comprising standard employment contract, basic employee handbook, letter of appointment for future staff and essential standard policies and procedures.
  • Provision of six months of HR support – the TimelessSUPPORT product – under which management can seek help on any HR issue.  Access for six months to the support area on the TimelessTime web site containing a host of useful documentation.
  • A people management workshop and review at the end of the six-month period. From that the TimelessTime consultant will develop a revised people strategy and a programme for people management improvement for the future

two business womenTimeless STARTUP contracts can be initiated any time, though we do assume that you have not implemented an HR system previously. Timeless STARTUP lasts for a six month period. In that time TimelessTime will help managers form a sound foundation for the future.

The intention then is that managers will be out of the startup period and in need of other products such as Timeless SUPPORT, Timeless ONE, Timeless PROJECTS and Timeless PARTNER.

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