young_man_presentingOrganisations develop through improvement initiatives. Since people make organisations, these initiatives often involve making people-related changes in order to replace old methods with new. If, as a senior manager, you want to complete HR change yourself, perhaps you simply need our Timeless SUPPORT. However, if you consider that your time is best spent on other aspects of your business, we would be happy to take on these change initiatives and manage them with you as projects. We’d be pleased to discuss implementing human resource management projects to improve and advance your organisation. The projects we complete for our clients are mostly confidential and hence we don’t list clients or the work we do for them. Examples however include:

The full scope of possible topics can be found in our Services page.  You might also like to browse our Articles or White Papers for more. ganttt_chartAs soon as you feel you may have a project, simply call us.

We will visit you to scope the task and let you know how we think the task should be approached. Even at this stage you will learn about the problem and even if you choose not to proceed, we will leave you better informed for our visit. This initial visit is completely free.

After the initial meeting and upon your invitation we will quote you a fixed price for project completion. As with all our work, we aim not just to complete the project but to involve managers in the work such that the client management team grow in knowledge and competence in human resource management and organisational development. When discussing the project plan we will agree opportunities for knowledge transfer.

Why not talk to us about how we might go about your project? Engage with us:

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