Firms in the UK tend to have a full-time HR manager for about one hundred or more staff. Above one hundred and the business case for recruiting a seasoned HR manager or HR Partner to the executive team is easily made. Below one hundred and the CEO or MD would more likely take one of four options:

  • Give the task to one of the management team
  • Recruit an HR Manager to a part time role
  • Recruit a junior or part-qualified HR professional 
  • Outsource the function

patenership_peopleSolutions for Under 100

Whatever the solution for under 100 staff, significant additional support is essential to the firm.   If the role is part time it’s very likely that additional effort will be needed from time to time, particularly providing specialist input. If a junior or part-qualified HR professional is employed, significant additional help will be key to ensuring that all aspects of the function are covered. If the task is given to one of the management team, again significant additional effort will be needed along with specialist support to augment their general management skills. And yes, the function can be outsourced.


Outsourcing is classically where the CEO or MD passes all aspects of the function to an outsourcing provider. But TimelessTime would suggest that senior managers think carefully about divesting management of such a key function. There was an era when it was vogue for HR to be outsourced but like Indian call centres, the practice is now being quickly reversed. Timeless PARTNER allows managers to excel at human resource management, retaining management responsibility whilst benefitting from the highest level of support.

partnership jigsawTimelessTime provides support in all these scenarios noted above. We do this by partnering. Generally partnering is on a retained basis with an agreed number of hours per month called off as needed.

HR Business Partner

We partner with the staff member with HRM responsibility within the organisation, providing additional effort, acting as peer in review, undertaking mentoring and coaching and augmenting local HR skills. We also take on specific projects but we ensure we do these whilst maximising knowledge transfer to the firm. For information on such projects, see our Timeless Projects page.

For an idea of the scope of assistance we provide see our Timeless SERVICES pages. Any and all of these services are available though partnering.

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