Some senior managers have a vibrant top team. Some senior managers have good non-executive directors and chairmen. Others are substantially alone (or perhaps feel they are alone for one reason or another) – left to make decisions and steer the firm on their own. It’s lonely at the top.  We know. We’ve been there in just this situation.

Tackling issues, making plans

Timeless MENTOR is an opportunity to sit down regularly with a TimelessTime consultant to discuss and make plans to tackle people issues and to plan and execute change in the firm.  It’s a flexible programme of meetings with a structure and joint actions for further research and analysis. It’s management coaching but with a very practical format, more like management mentoring.  It aims to develop plans and outcomes though often just talking issues through is as powerful a tonic as any. Timeless MENTOR is a product designed for senior managers, normally the principals or management team members of SMEs.

lonely_at_the_topReal situations

Senior managers are highly competent people. They wouldn’t be running a firm if they weren’t. But sometimes they need to look to their own management development.  Timeless MENTOR is the ideal mechanism for putting existing skills and knowledge into place in real situations. It’s perfect for talking through issues, developing possible solutions and testing possible people management outcomes.

Issues that we might tackle together span from the mundane of an office relocation, and all the emotion and issues this will bring, to the complexity of dealing with alcoholism in staff, particularly when it’s a fellow director who’s hitting the bottle. Or it could be re-skilling a workforce – and letting some of your people go to protect the business and those left behind.

Quite simply, it could be anything involving your people and your organisation.

Evaluating progress

At our first meeting we’ll explore issues and establish a programme of discussions. We’ll meet as frequently and for as long as you will find it valuable. We’ll evaluate progress at every meeting and make plans for subsequent meetings. TimelessTime consultants make use of a huge number of models and tools including those from management and executive coaching and from consulting.

Our work is based mostly on the scientific method of analysis where we seek to establish assertions that you think are true, and then develop evidence to prove or disprove these. Once we jointly have confidence that the solution proposed is valid, we summarise and agree this as an action. Whilst we find this a useful method, we will draw on other more fuzzy approaches from organisational psychology and indeed any other approach to problem solving that are relevant. We make extensive use of scenario modelling. And most of all we underpin our joint work on business benefit and the added value that any plans will have on your firm.

It’s lonely at the top.  We’ve been there. But it needn’t be – with TimelessTime’s help. You can find out more about how we might be able to help you.


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