TimelessTime has organised its people management and organisational development services into products. These products aim to meet managers’ needs as they strive for competent committed staff. The following is an overview of the products.

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90 -minute Management and Personal Effectiveness Training Most managers wish their staff would perform better. And yet few know what to do to achieve such change. Few firms train their staff in personal effectiveness. And few train managers to manage. They’ll invest in training to use a new tool – but not in core skills. And yet it is in core skills training that the greatest gains are to be had. And balancing the knowledge and skill-demands of the job with those available in staff is fundamental to staff well-being. Not having the ability see how a job might be done… Find out more

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Do you want to achieve efficiency in people management? Do you want to implement an HRM system? A computer-based HRM system? Are you unclear about how to go about it and worried about getting it wrong, ending up with what a salesman persuades you to have? Why not let TimelessTime manage the whole activity for you? Computerised HR management systems are commonly available. TimelessTime has unrivalled experience in implementation though our Timeless SYSTEMS product. Find out more

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People are the lifeblood of every firm. They join, they leave, and in between they have to be managed. Everyone who manages or supervises people has to double as an HR generalist. Line managers need specialist HR support to facilitate the day-to-day management of staff. TimelessTime provides that support helping the manager to achieve business outcomes,operational results and performing staff. “All of the consultants you’ll talk to are senior management professionals” HR, OD & Management Support – 24/7 To ask a question and get on-line help subscribers go to our website to initiate an email conversation. All the information about… Find out more

When businesses start up there is a lot to do: offices to move in to, products to organise and finance to secure. And often, the people management stuff is forgotten. Yet it is at this formative time that the founders need to put in place the foundations for excellence in people management. It’s at this early stage that simple actions can be taken to avoid many problems later and build for a future human resources excellence. Timeless STARTUP provides four things: An initial workshop with the management team at which the TimelessTime consultant and management team will discuss and conclude the… Find out more

Organisations develop through improvement initiatives. Since people make organisations, these initiatives often involve making people-related changes in order to replace old methods with new. If, as a senior manager, you want to complete HR change yourself, perhaps you simply need our Timeless SUPPORT. However, if you consider that your time is best spent on other aspects of your business, we would be happy to take on these change initiatives and manage them with you as projects. We’d be pleased to discuss implementing human resource management projects to improve and advance your organisation. The projects we complete for our clients are mostly… Find out more

Firms in the UK tend to have a full-time HR manager for about one hundred or more staff. Above one hundred and the business case for recruiting a seasoned HR manager or HR Partner to the executive team is easily made. Below one hundred and the CEO or MD would more likely take one of four options: Give the task to one of the management team Recruit an HR Manager to a part time role Recruit a junior or part-qualified HR professional  Outsource the function Solutions for Under 100 Whatever the solution for under 100 staff, significant additional support is essential… Find out more

Most management work is complex. Most problems take analysis, decisions and implementation. Take a relatively simple thing like the desire to implement a salary system. There’s a huge chance that if you tinker with salaries using internet information and methods, you’ll end up loosing staff and degrading commitment in those that stay. You need help from a professional – if only to sort the nuggets from the rubbish. Now that management consulting support is available online. Find out more

Some senior managers have a vibrant top team. Some senior managers have good non-executive directors and chairmen. Others are substantially alone (or perhaps feel they are alone for one reason or another) – left to make decisions and steer the firm on their own. It’s lonely at the top.  We know. We’ve been there in just this situation. Tackling issues, making plans Timeless MENTOR is an opportunity to sit down regularly with a TimelessTime consultant to discuss and make plans to tackle people issues and to plan and execute change in the firm.  It’s a flexible programme of meetings with a structure… Find out more

Managing people is complex. Get specialist help.

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