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Many studies, and our own practical experience, tell us that getting HR and the ‘people ecosystem’ right in a firm adds tangible benefit.

TimelessTime believes in excellence in management of human resources and is engaged in a programme of tools and method development. The outputs from this can be immediately applied to the workplace to help drive your business forward. Since these tools showcase our competence as consultants, we are happy to let you have use of these tools and methods free of change.

email_atWe also believe in sharing information to keep you up-to-date with good management practices and employment law. We comment on both ensuring you know how both can benefit your business.

TimelessTime would like to keep you informed of these developments. We’d like to send you a monthly email to draw your attention to our work. The law in the UK demands that we ask you for your permission to receive such emails.

We hope you will feel the monthly update and the tools and methods are useful to your business. To allow us to send you an update each month please sign up.

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HR Locum; On Brand; Free Book Chapter on Leadership; Engaging Foreign Workers; OPINION - Does it really matter what university you study at?; Doing Strategy; Effect of Culture on the HSE Stress Tool; COMMENT - Post-truth Vacuum; Encouraging innovation.
Planning in employment uncertainty; OPINION – Fallacy of 2-year rule in dismissal; Machine deficiency; HMRC goes after ‘gig’ economy; COMMENT – Key roles of investigator; “He said all the right things at interview…”; Reigate & Banstead learning lunch; Free HR support.
The March of Technology Seminar; Anyone can lead!; OPINION - Robots will take our jobs; Free HR support; Morale constrains employee behaviour; COMMENT - Deconstructing software roles; Contractors becoming employees.
The March of Technology Seminar; Gen Y solves entrepreneur divestiture problems; OPINION - Bonuses abandoned at investment firm; Lessons from Rio; Reducing the pain of change; COMMENT - Making management decisions; Just what IS personality?
Target Business Expo; Brexit demands thought; Manager decision determines organisational soul; OPINION - David Cameron pays special advisers more; COMMENT - Much maligned Millenials; No credentials, experience or knowledge; Managing restrictive covenants.
The March of Technology Seminar; Better Definition Needed Around Digital Skills; Appraisal Style Depends on the Jobs; COMMENT - Retaining Employment Records; OPINION - Annualised Hours Yields Flexibility; Engagement Follows Commitment; Financial Carrots - Do Bonuses Work?
Online Services from TimelessTime; Video on TimelessTime; There's an App for SUPPORT; COMMENT - Competent Person Role Assures Health and Safety; Unfettered Access to Skills; People-technology Balance in Firms; OPINION: Don't Let Time Clocking Degrade Commitment; Algorithms Suggest Huge Productivity Hikes.
The March of Technology Seminar; Recruiting Outside the Box Thinkers; HR in a World of Droids; COMMENT - Recruit for Attitude; OPINION: Reporting Gender Pay Gap; Failed Recruitment Starts With Ineffective Search; Sickness Absence - the perennial problem.
Doing Leadership; Client FUTURES Event; Gender Pay Gap; Understanding Emotions; OPINION: Employing Foreign Workers Abroad; COMMENT: On Pay- Again!; Six Steps to Effective Recruitment; Developing Staff.
Award Judge; Client FUTURES Event; ISO9001 Success; National Living Wage; Doing Leadership; Management in Breach (over holidays); Meaning of ISO9001 Certification, Scientific Recruitment; Always the Employee's Fault?; Growth Without Employees.
Client FUTURES Event; Changing People; COMMENT: Doctors, Teachers and Fair Pay; Building Foundations; Science Makes Better Leaders; OPINION: Systems Surveillance New App Bridges Recruitment Gap.


GDB Educational Seminar; Coaching Change; COMMENT: Talent Management; Selecting from a Batch of CVs; Essential Contracts for Business Growth; OPINION: Selecting Software Engineers.
New TimelessTime web site; Workplace mediation; The criterion for recruiting quality staff; COMMENT: Top issues for managers; OPINION: Technology as a force for change; Setting incentivising commission payments; Supporting the US.
FUTURES, October 2015; Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce; Experience is not enough; The necessary behaviours of new leaders; COMMENT: Managers and workers must embrace disruptive technology; OPINION: Recruiting the next role; You'll get what you asked for.
Exhibitions; FUTURES, the TimelessTime client event; Is Fit for Work fit for business?; COMMENT - Travel to work is work; TUPE in the news (again); The future of appraisals; OPINION - Recruiting in a tight market; Right to work
Upcoming Management Webinars; Manufacturing and Electronics Expo; TimelessTime FUTURES event; The problem with problems; COMMENT - Watch out for TUPE; Building work teams; Understanding re-structure; OPINION - Selecting an apprentice; Better employed?
Upcoming Management Webinars; Manufacturing and Electronics Expo; Emotional Intelligence - valuable concept or psycho-babble?; COMMENT - Managing the Living Wage; Have we been chatting to your staff?; Restructuring as a Management Tool; OPINION - Working on, not working in - it's too simple a mantra; Making Recruitment Effective.
Upcoming Free Management Webinars; Award Finalists; Managing Performance; OPINION - Flawed Single Approaches (to Management); Contractor or Employee; Manager-Employee Relationship; COMMENT - When Staff Leave (on Restrictive Covenants); Taking on Employees.
Upcoming Management Webinars; Video Overview; So Now You're a Manager; OPINION - Zero Hours Lives; Abandon Stress Audits; Understanding Your Firm; COMMENT - Ideal Structures; Leadership Training.
Improving Management - TimelessTime's FUTURES Event; Commitment and Generation Y; Change and the Balanced Scorecard; OPINION - Do Qualifications Matter?; COMMENT - Employee Contracts; HR Support Service; Up-Skilling Your Firm.
Recent public presentations (slides/video); Building brand from the inside; Performance - every manager's Holy Grail; OPINION - Men behaving badly; COMMENT - Employee surveillance;
Come hear us talk...; TimelessTime ISO9001 Certified; Initiatives - the platform for leadership; OPINION - Presenteeism is not good for business; COMMENT - Blue-collar goals; We're going to the show...; Power Play in Performance Appraisals; Misguided About What it Takes to be Effective.
Come hear us talk...; TimelessTime an Investor in People; Teaching Engineers to sell; OPINION - What's a 'normal' employee; COMMENT - Making offers conditional; We're talking at...; New Approach in Recruitment; Getting Staff Commitment.


Talking people management - Uckfield; talking stress - Tunbridge Wells; talking performance - Dorking; FUTURES customer event; Calculating total reward; What size HR?; Commitment before engagement; Interpreting psychometrics.
Oh what a mess!: about holiday pay; So now you're a manager?; OPINION: Acquiring management competencies; Does engagement lead to profit?; More than just...about reinvention; UPDATE: New Paternity Leave; Ideas on total reward;
Holiday pay - are you taking action; We're published in Training Journal; The Importance of Wellbeing; Becoming Trusted Colleagues, OPINION: Why offer benefits?; COMMENT: Selecting Managers; Commitment Through Pay; To Record or Not?.
Diary Event; Out and About; Who Should Fund Training; Manage People, Boost Business; Training Managers Motivation; Involving System Users; UPDATE: 1st October Employment Changes; Aptitude Tests Ease Choice.
Diary Event; Out and About; Talking Intellectual Property; COMMENT: Employing Workers Abroad; Training Managers Motivation; Perfect Job Descriptions; OPINION: No Cross-discipline Understanding; Town Hall Rich List.
Diary Event; Out and About; Flexibility - good or bad?; OPINION: Pay Fairly - but how do you know?; When Staff Don't Cooperate; Really Simple Personnel Records; COMMENT: Holiday pay is hotting up; Balancing People and Technology.
Diary Event; Out and About; Charting Employee Careers; OPINION: Does Paying Commission Work?; Avoiding and Reducing RSI; Sense Around Zero Hours Contracts; Important New Interpretation; Best Practice Redundancy.
Introducing night-working; Simple organisational modelling; Successful succession planning; Offering shareholder contracts; Leaders - born or bred; Pay and rewards.
Opinion - Systematising the firm; What's your firm worth; Adversarial works in recruitment; What value references; Primary research; Cooking on gas; HR Comment: One more time - just how DO I recruit the right person?
Opinion - Innovation and how to set an innovation climate; Garçons win at point of sale; Unsure of organisational change? Model it!; A case for psychometrics; What the heck IS motivation?; HR Comment: Linking management action to business outcomes
Opinion - Poor software project management causes stress; News; The Perfect Organisation; Research Help; Polling Readers; Are Leaders Born or Bred?; HR Comment: Managers! Act Swiftly on Absence.
Opinion - Snow, snow go away!; HHDBA Conference; LDEX exhibition & conference; So who owns staff careers; E-learning: a panacea; Fallacy of a single procedure; Kings and Hornbills; HR Comment: On managers' legal position

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