Business Matters Innovation Award 2013

TimelessTime is sponsoring the Innovation of the Year Award 2013.  The Business Matters Awards are run in conjunction with The West Sussex County Times, Crawley Observer, Mid Sussex Times and Sussex Express culminating in a gala black tie dinner on 26th July at which TimelessTime will present the Innovation Award to the winner.  Commented TimelessTime’s Sue Berry, “When judging we will be looking for a company or an individual who is able to demonstrate novel approaches that have facilitated the growth of their firm”.

Innovation takes many forms.  In the early days of man’s evolution a stone fashioned in to hammer was innovative.  The spinning looms of the industrial revolution allowed products to be made more efficiently than by hand production.  Today innovation tends to often be computer based.  As Sue continued “We will be looking for a solution which brings a fresh approach to service delivery, product development or marketing”.

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