People HubPrincipals, Senior Managers and CEOs are often lonely.  There are tough decision to be made and challenges to face.  It’s difficult to discuss such things candidly with colleagues and subordinates.  After all, you are the one in charge! So where can you turn for a safe and understanding place to share ideas, seek confirmation and seek impartial knowledge which will inform those difficult-to-make decisions?

Timeless HUB is a new product which takes Timeless ONE to the next level.  Meeting for one hour a month in a virtual community, business leaders have the chance to debate and learn from other leading business professionals and use them as a sounding board.

Each meeting will debate one topic.  We start on Tuesday 11 June by looking at pay and benefits and ask the question “how do we decide how much to pay someone?”

The Timeless HUB virtual community meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 16.30 for one hour.   Meeting dates can be found on our upcoming events page.  Topics will be posted a week before the event and topics can be suggested by any member. The meetings are designed to facilitate structured group discussions and are therefore limited to the number of participants in each virtual meeting.

Timeless HUB is free for all our Timeless SUPPORT and Timeless PARTNER clients.  To sign up for the next meeting “how do we decide how much to pay someone” simply telephone us on 01444 810454 or email

If you would like to join this growing group of senior professionals then call us to find out how you can become eligible.  We look forward to meeting you virtually in June.