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TimelessTime is a quality firm and an investor in people. It also employs chartered managers. But what do these certifications and accreditations mean to TimelessTime clients?

TimelessTime: A Quality Firm

TimelessTime is certified under ISO9001:2015TimelessTime achieved its certification to the international quality standard ISO9001:2008, in 2010. In January 2016 the firm transitioned from ISO9001:2008 to the aspirational upgrade ISO9001:2015. The certification has been confirmed by SGS each year and authorised through UKAS, the UK Accreditation Service. Certification is confirmed after two days of independent audit of TimelessTime’s systems and business operations.

ISO9001 is the international quality standard. A firm meeting the ISO9001 standard has had its quality management system audited and its system has been confirmed as both adequate and compliant with the standard.

So what does it mean practically? A key part of the quality management system requires that TimelessTime develops a method statement for every job and a statement of work to ensure that every client requirement is met. Methods and statements of work are audited and assessed for adequacy. ISO9001 therefore means that TimelessTime’s clients get the very best service and the very best problem solution – a quality result every time. The advantages for clients are explained in this blog.

TimelessTime: An Investor in People

On 13th January 2015 TimelessTime gained accreditation to the Investors in People Standard (IiP).

TimelessTime an Investor in PeopleThe objective of the UK Government in sponsoring IiP is to improve organisational performance across all employers through the management and development of people. Research conducted by Cranfield University shows that there is a clear link between the adoption of IiP by a firm and that firm’s business performance.

The research also shows how the Standard improves return on investment.

The IiP Standard requires that a firm has a strategy, that this strategy is communicated across the staff and that in pursuit of that strategy, the workforce is engaged in a process of skills and knowledge development. It also, crucially, requires that management assess progress of that learning and development and that the learning and development achieved has a positive effect on the key performance metrics of the firm.

Accredited firms like TimelessTime have considered the skills and knowledge needed to serve their clients and customers. They have demonstrated to an external assessor that they possess these skills and knowledge and that they are committed to continuous skills and knowledge improvement.

TimelessTime: Chartered Manager and Chartered FCIPD

TimelessTime employs Chartered ManagersTimelessTime consultants have achieved Chartered Manager and Chartered FCIPD. These accreditations are the highest status that can be reached in management of people and organisations. They are awarded by the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development respectively and are recognised throughout the public and private sectors and across all management disciplines.

What it all means

These certifications and accreditations mean collectively that TimelessTime has the skills, knowledge and systems in place for it to be effective in delivering projects and support in all aspects of HR management and organisational development.

Quality Policy

TimelessTime’s business is about people – people as customers, people as employees and people as suppliers and associates.

  • Identifying this, we will ensure that our staff are competent, motivated and dedicated to satisfying our customers. We will ensure that our suppliers and associates echo that skill and dedication in the products and services that they provide us with. And we will endeavour to partner our customers to mutual benefit ensuring that they, as individuals, are fully aware of the TimelessTime staff responsible for supporting them.
  • Identifying this, we will always set out our interpretation of our customer’s requirements in our quotations. Once those requirements are mutually agreed, we will use those requirements in internal method statements and statements of work to guide project activities. We will work to satisfy those requirements in deliverables and will demonstrate their compliance.
  • Identifying this, we will ensure that staff are competent in management consulting. Whilst giving frameworks to guide these consultants we will ensure that they have the freedom and incentive to act to assure that projects meet customer needs. To assure that services are fit for purpose we will assign project management responsibility giving staff freedom to progressively manage these projects to success.
  • Identifying this, our staff will develop efficient business systems and will use these systems to manage customer contacts with diligence communicating effectively with their customer contacts. Our staff will develop effective communications with both existing and potential customers always aiming to leave those with whom they are in contact more informed for their dealings with TimelessTime. To sustain this we will engender an atmosphere of knowledge and competence acquisition, encouraging and supporting all staff to grow with the company.

TimelessTime as an organisation will supply consultancy to managers and directors, mainly in small to medium sized firms, across the UK. Our staff will achieve and maintain accreditation to ISO9001:2015 and will merge our business and quality systems to ensure a cross-company quality culture.

Sue Berry, Managing Director, 23 August 2016


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