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The way staff are dealt with by management has a direct effect on the firm’s business outcomes. But managing and organising people are complex activities: if they were simple or obvious, every firm would be perfect. Managers need help to overcome these complexities and build competitive advantage through the people they employ.

Below are some of the many reasons why you should consider contracting TimelessTime to help you in HR and OD in your firm.

Case studies illustrating past work

These case studies show some of the scope, breadth and depth of the work we’ve done for other clients in the past few years. They show that no project is too small: we’re happy to provide clients with template documents such as terms and conditions of employment. They also show that no project is too big: we’ve re-structured and up-skilled government departments. Check out the scope, breadth and depth of the projects undertaken by TimelessTime.

 Case Studies

Your TimelessTime team

Before you appoint consultants, coaches or mentors, be sure that they’ve ‘been there and done it’. It’s not enough to have bought a franchise or read a book. It’s not enough to have done a ‘diploma’ lasting a few weeks in some quack’s approach to this or that. It’s not enough to have worked with a few others who say nice things. Entrepreneurs and managers today need help from consultants with a breadth of understanding and knowledge that only comes from advanced academic study and many years of ‘coal face’ management experience. TimelessTime consultants have it all. Do your due diligence on us here.

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Quality and development certifications

You need to know that your project will be competed using methods that will yield a high-quality result. You need to know that TimelessTime consultants routinely use high quality methods. High quality comes from management systems and competency. Our competency comes from our foundation training and from our training to keep up to date, proven through our accreditation under Investors in People. And our management system is certified compliant with the ISO:9001:2015 quality management standard. We have been certified under ISO9001 since 2010. We are a quality firm.


Managing people is complex. Get specialist help.

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