UNCERTAINTY, AMBIGUITY & COMPROMISE: Making Sense of Modern Management

Chapter 10: Leading the Firm – FREE DOWNLOAD

The world is full of gurus who espouse this and that about how to behave as a leader. Managers are told about being charismatic, authentic and transformational. And yet no gurus actually tell managers how to lead – none suggest how to do it, day to day.

This book chapter suggests a method that managers can use immediately to lead their staff in their organisations. The chapter is a complete guide to leadership for new and experienced managers.

Chapter 10

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About the author:
John Berry has over 30 years experience in middle and senior management in both multi-nationals and SMEs. He has led multi-disciplinary teams and managed complex projects in 32 countries. He studied at Loughborough University, the Open University Business School and Birkbeck, University of London.