Improving Recruitment Effectiveness

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Improving Recruitment EffectivenessMany employers struggle with hiring, and on-boarding, the right person. You know the scenario – on paper the candidate looks ideal so you get them in for first interview. They talk a good talk, so you appoint. Or, you move to second interview and more rigorous testing.

Then, in either scenario you realise your mistake – the person is just not right for the role. You think back – why on earth did you even invite them for a first interview?

So, what went wrong, and what could you have done differently? And how does TimelessTime’s new app help in improving recruitment effectiveness?

Criterion Problem

The problem arises because there is little on a CV and in the recruitment agent’s hype that tells you if the candidate will actually excel in the job. It’s called the criterion problem: the characteristics on a CV have only a tenuous link with the criteria needed to perform in the role. When you invite a candidate for an interview, you are taking a big leap of faith!

Candidates can wow interviewers by saying the right things. But it doesn’t prove their capability. The only way you can predict capability is to test for it. But traditionally, testing at the point of application, before first interview, is costly. At that point there are just so many possible candidates.

Light Touch Solution

TimelessTime’s new Pre-Select App allows you to apply a light touch test which will take the candidate no more than 12 minutes to complete. The report generated from this breaks through the hype and gives you tangible evidence that sits alongside the CV and informs your initial selection decisions.

The report indicates the candidate’s likely level of ability. It assesses General Mental Ability (GMA) and personality. The higher the GMA, the better the candidate will be able to cope with complex activities and the more receptive they will be to acquiring the new skills of your job. The Pre-Select App assesses both GMA and personality – two huge determinants of performance in job roles. The app’s key in improving recruitment effectiveness

Candidate Report

With TimelessTime’s Pre-Select App you will have a report on each candidate to inform initial decision-making right at the beginning of the search activity. A full psychometric test, work-sample testing and a scenario-based structured interview at the second stage of interview will confirm this and bolster the final appointment decision.

Whether or not a candidate will excel is one thing, but their ability to fit in your job environment is equally important. The person-job fit may not be aligned. The Pre-Select App tests for this too.

Not all staff have the same personality traits. For example, you wouldn’t want to employ someone who prefers to experiment and come up with novel ideas in a bookkeeper role. For bookkeeping you’d just want someone who was happy doing routine work. Experimenters might however be ideal perhaps in a computer systems architecture role.

Getting the wrong person in the wrong job is costly and you need to know as early in the selection process as possible. The Pre-Select App allows you to build the ideal person-job profile for the role. Candidates are then tested against this profile, determining those who are likely a good match to the role – and those who are not. And all this is done before the candidate is selected for first interview, thereby improving recruitment effectiveness.

Improving Recruitment Effectiveness

Interviewing is costly in both time and money. Our current extensive testing, for personality and ability, applied prior to second interviews, requires an hour of the candidate’s time, significant analyst time to develop a report and is too costly for wide-spread use when sifting CVs.   This Pre-Select App is a light touch tool taking no more than 12 minutes for the candidate to complete and it’s all done online. It’s designed by TimelessTime, using established and evidence-based psychometric methods.

For each candidate taking the test you receive a report that indicates their match to your ideal profile. Based on their profile you will instantly see if they are likely to excel in the role. This information will help you determine who to invite for first interview.

So there’ll be no more quizzical glances at you co-interviewer, wondering why you brought the candidate in for interview in the first place. And there’ll be no more wasted time and money interviewing candidates who don’t match your role requirement.

The Pre-Select App streamlines your recruitment process allowing you to focus your time and money on the candidates who match your requirements. Call us to find out how you can start to use the Pre-Select App now.

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