Become Reliable Colleagues.

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reliability level conceptual meterYour staff want one thing from their colleagues: reliability. They want to know that when a colleague says something like “I’ll get that done”, they do it on time and within the budget agreed. They want to know that they can depend on their colleagues.

But colleagues have to learn how to be reliable.

It’s all too easy to become unreliable, just getting on with your own stuff without realising that social exchange makes the firm go round. And doing stuff for colleagues is just that – exchange. It’s all the more so if the exchanges go beyond the immediate role that folk are expected to do.

So how can staff learn reliability?

There are three key tools. First, each person must have a vision of the future of the company and have some positive relationship with the company an its aims. They must be able to understand their place in the firm. Second, each employee must understand both their own role and the roles of their colleagues and how they interact. This understanding must be tangible. Third, they must learn to contract – they must understand how to set up exchanges and how to manage these exchanges successfully.

Practical things must be done to help staff build a trust between one another.

The good news is that staff can learn to be reliable. And the necessary trust can be built. It just takes some simple training. More…

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