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TimelessTime was the very proud sponsor of both the Innovation Award and the Employer of the Year Award at the recent JP (South) Events Business Matters Awards 2013. Sue Berry of TimelessTime presented awards to three worthy winners.

The high calibre of the entries made judging winners very difficult. So what makes a winner, what were we looking for as judges? Read on to hear who won (with pictures) and to learn a little of what the judges looked for.


TimelessTime & QabooSince TimelessTime prides itself as an organisation that innovates to deliver excellence to its clients, we were looking for an applicant who also delivered on this criteria. There are six attributes to innovation which we have discussed in previous blogs. These attributes informed our decision-making process. The winners Qaboo have taken advertising a step further. They have married a simple idea, electronic advertising on taxi headrests, with mobile phone location-based services to allow retailers to focus offers based on location.

Innovation is a team activity; it was great therefore to see both Anthony Parkins and Lee Appleby both come on stage accept the award.

Employer of the Year

The Employer of the Year Award was difficult to judge with such a wide range of organisations entering. The judges sought great staff relations, high staff retention, excellent training for all and the ability to demonstrate a caring approach to employees. All of these attributes are hugely important in any firm since it is these that delivered true competitive advantage.

Employer of the Year – Winners

TimelessTime & Employer of the yearThe winners of Employer of the Year demonstrated how they matched each requirement of the award in a comprehensive application.  With just over 500 staff, 1st Central Insurance Management explained how they meet all the criteria laid down for this award. The information provided in the application was also supported by employee testimonials on the 1st Central website.

Jo Cunningham and Peter Creed of 1st Central received the award.

Employer of the Year – Highly Commended

TimelessTime & Interior conceptsInterior Concepts achieved Highly Commended in this category. What was particularly striking about the Interior Concepts application was that it had been made by a young apprentice who, along with the Managing Director, accepted the award. When asked why he had put his employer forward for the award, Paul Evens explained that he is grateful that to have been given the opportunity to learn a trade. He also commented that for him, “life is far better now”.  He therefore wanted to show his appreciation by nominating his employer for the award.

Colin Wells and Paul Evens of Interior Concepts received the award.

So, what makes a winner?

The key has to be addressing the specific question in hand and providing evidence to support the claims made in the application. In some respects applying for awards is similar to taking an exam – marks are only given for answers to the question. And the question is, for example, “why are you innovative?”  The person reading the information has to make a decision based on the information supplied. Strong argument, rich content and evidence to support certainly help judges make their decisions.

We extend our congratulations to the winners of every category in the Business Matters Awards 2013 and we look forward to sponsoring the awards again next year.

[Photographs courtesy of the West Sussex County Times.]

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