David Cameron’s realised: career development of young people matters

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Surveying Their FutureDavid Cameron, in visiting a training academy in Buckinghamshire, has finally realised: the careers of young people are key to the Country’s future.  The Prime Minister sees the same twin-track career choice as Tony Blair.  It was the Blair government that introduced the idea that 50% of the population would go to university and the other 50% would not.  Now Mr Cameron has added that those not destined for academic learning should join an apprenticeship.  Laudable perhaps but just how does a young person make the choice?  And how does the wider social context affect career development of young people?

Mr Cameron went on to suggest that the UK should “emulate Germany, where the majority of teenagers either go to university or into an apprenticeship after they finish their exams”.

TimelessTime has written extensively on this subject, comparing UK’s skills with those of Germany and USA.  You can read more here and here.

A report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts that completed apprenticeships over the next 10 years could contribute up to £3.4bn a year to the UK economy by 2022 through increased productivity.  This recognises the basic relationship between enhanced skills and knowledge and output.

Read TimelessTime’s latest research on the matter in our White Paper.  This paper discusses how young people make career choices both at the critical stage when leaving secondary school and later in life as they chart their way through the maze of options after tertiary education or apprenticeships.

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