Minus 14 and still providing HR support!

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TimelessSUPPORT CallLast week the TimelessTime team were in Tignes for a week’s skiing.  We were musing whilst there about our ability to manage client questions, maintain the momentum on a huge technical recruitment piece, continue with the inception phase of a massive department re-build piece, do management review meetings and get six hours a day skiing in as well.  We were at minus 14 and still providing HR support.

Timeless time was a concept first postulated by Manuel Castells, a sociologist, back in 1996.  His idea is simple – as we move more into the computer age, so the divide between work and leisure becomes ever more blurred.  Don’t we just understand that – timeless time is a reality for TimelessTime.

Technology today means that there is no excuse for not providing excellent service wherever you might be.  The one exception this trip was when conditions finally prevented TimelessSUPPORT!  At 3,500 metres up on Col du Palet, in driving snow and a temperature of -14ºC (and -30 ºC with wind-chill) everyone’s mobile phone displays gave up!

When setting up a firm and building client expectations it is important to deliver.  We have a service level agreement (SLA) with clients under which we will respond within certain timeframes.  By choosing your own timeframes carefully you too will be able to stay in touch with your clients.  And what of unforseen problems?  In our case, the phones gave up at sub-zero temperatures.  It was however simple to check emails and messages and return calls at a lower altitude in slightly less extreme conditions.  And hence the SLA was maintained.

It’s not  rocket science.  But it does need a little planning.  It’s all about people – in your case, it’s your people.  How are they going to maintain service when the majority of the firm, or indeed the whole firm, are away?  What daily programme can you put in place to ensure you maintain current client contact, follow up leads that come in during the period and still play hard?  What do you aim to achieve during the period?  What technologies will be needed? How can you manage Castellian timeless time?

TimelessTime seems to have cracked it.  We worked, played, stayed in touch with clients and managed new client expectations.  If you want to find out more about how we did this then give us call.

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