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Whilst helping individual employees prepare themselves for the jobs market is not TimelessTime’s core business, it’s something we’ve done for three graduates over the summer. It showcases TimelessTime’s outplacement skills. The results have been very pleasing with jobs secured after a very small number of interviews. So what’s it all about? How does one prepare someone for the jobs market? And how did we achieve ready, steady, go for job seekers?

The first is improving interview skills. Interviews are foreign to most people. Graduates have floated into casual jobs during holidays. The post-graduate job hunt is their first taste of the real world. Most simply make application after application and learn by their mistakes. TimelessTime ran role-plays of interviews of different styles. This had three benefits for the candidates: firstly it built an understanding of the roles of each player in the interview, second, candidates understood how the interview would progress and thirdly they learned to relax. By understanding the roles they will better respond to questions. By understanding the ‘programme’ of the meeting they will understand when they can get over their various evidential points. By relaxing they will respond from the heart and they will be perceived as more genuine in their answer.

The second is achieving a greater understanding of ‘self’. By understanding who they are and how they work, they will be better able to tailor their job hunt and better able to tailor their responses to questions, avoiding stock answers. TimelessTime did this using inventories such as that from Myers-Briggs on personality style and TimelessTime-designed inventories on work and life goals. These are similar to the psychometric tests and style inventories used by recruiters. Candidates therefore became familiar with the tests used and tests administered on the day will therefore be less threatening. Unlike testing during interview, TimelessTime provided interpretation of the results direct to the candidates during the sessions. Candidates learned from the feedback.

Finally TimelessTime tutored in presentation skills. This had two benefits to the candidates. The first was that since presentations often form part of selection, the candidates would be competent on the day. Often candidates will be asked to take ten minutes to present their views on global warming or the city bonus culture. Experience is all when it comes to presentations. The second is that competence in presentation builds confidence in delivery even when just responding to interview questions.

TimelessTime’s normal business is the management of redundancy including outsourcing services to help redundant workers succeed when they leave the firm. TimelessTime also provides one-to-one help to senior management. See for more information.

One of the candidates helped recently made the following comments:
“I would like to express my gratitude for all the help and support you (TimelessTime) gave me in preparing for my first interview post graduation. The session provided me with tips on how to improve the look of my CV, how to compose myself at an interview and examples of model examples. The practice assessment gave me confidence to use all the tools and information provided during the application process. Over all the session was a fantastic, valuable experience which I would recommend to any graduate. Thank you.” S.S., Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

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