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Managers can find it extremely attractive to ‘employ’ foreign staff resident abroad. Engaging workers in foreign countries is complex. In all cases it is better to trade at arms length through business to business agreements, paying against invoice. Workers are then employed locally. Read more
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Theresa May has announced that the UK is going to counteract the effects of Brexit by launching an industrial strategy. This strategy is to contain a ‘shake up’ of technical education. But what is Britain to be good at? What technical education do we need? Read more

One popular outcome for directors of a profitable firm in a buoyant market is to go for a buy out – selling the firm as a going concern. The buyer will use any identified risks as argument to reduce the offer price. And if there are too many risks, it will withdraw its offer. And poor people-management poses a significant risk. Read more

Management consultant TimelessTime has recently transitioned from ISO9001:2008 to the aspirational upgrade ISO9001:2015. SGS, the world's leading certification company, confirmed TimelessTime’s re-certification after two days of audit. Read more

Staff adjust their behaviour based on the metrics against which they are measured. This means that firms should put in place business metrics that are important. After all, a key performance indicator means just that –key to the firm. Next, it’s important to communicate this. Staff need to put their contribution into context. That context is the big picture. Here's how to translate the big picture metrics into individual metrics. Read more

Barnardo's wants 200,000 apprenticeship places for 16-18 year olds in care. They also advocate selection based on potential, not qualifications. Potential is indicated by personality, aptitude and fit between the apprentice and the environment in which they will work. All staff selection should be based on potential and fit. Read more

Being able to do stuff brings huge benefits. The more things we can do and the more complex and valuable these things are to others, the more we benefit. Our careers typically describe the steady progression from early efforts to mastery. If we have the ability, knowledge and understanding, we can do things to the level required by the task. Read more

BBC senior managers have made their decision based on their internal investigation of Jeremy Clarkson’s behaviour. His contract will not be renewed. As intimated by the million-signature petition, it will be a devastating decision for many fans of Top Gear. Bullying and harassment should not be tolerated by anyone or any firm. Read more

Political commentators have often noted how, in the information age, public opinion drives decisions. And here we are, viewing an employer-employee debacle on TV and news. Jeremy Clarkson has been “suspended pending investigation”. The BBC is dealing with this incident in the same way that any employer should. Read more

Whilst much of the technical part of a business may be straightforward, management of people and finance is anything but. Management involves taking daily decisions about change. Many in such circumstances resort to general, unstructured discussion and gut-feel decisions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read more

Presenteesim does not yield improved productivity, indeed just the opposite, with efficiency and effectiveness reduced. To avoid presenteeeism, firms must engender a culture of trust and respect allowing staff to take time off sick where they truly need to. Trust and respect generates competitive advantage, not fear and suspicion. Read more

When a firm makes staff redundant, the management hopes that this action will be enough to solve the firm’s problems and return it to profit. But this outcome is far from certain. There’s much that management needs to do to avoid the firm bouncing from one round of redundancies to another. This blog illustrates the reasons why. Read more

There’s so much been published on leadership. Web pages, training courses and blogs are replete. But no-one addresses what work the leader should engage in today that they didn’t do yesterday. Answer: start some initiatives. Initiatives are the platform for leadership. Initiatives give opportunity for leaders to intervene. Read more

Performance appraisals are worthwhile. Manager and subordinate sitting down together to review performance over the past year provides huge benefit. But for many it’s a time of dread. Unless controlled, both parties will use their power to distort the performance appraisal outcomes in their favour. Read more

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